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Future Recommendations

In document MERCURY (II) IONS DETECTION (halaman 190-200)

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7.2 Future Recommendations

According to the studies conducted in this research, there are a number of topics that require further investigation and improvement. In this thesis, the focus is given mainly to the mercury (II) ions detection using LPFG, hence, attention is required to be given to the hybrid LPFG-DGT structure in future works. It is important to carry out further research concerning the improvement of the performance of the hybrid structure.

• Improvement of the hybrid sensor to allow the sensor to be able to detect mercury (II) ions at even lower concentrations. On the contrary, improvement can be done to the sensor so that it can be used to detect higher concentration as well.

• An investigation on the influences of different diffusive gel layers towards the diffusion of mercury (II) ions; in other words, to observe the effect of applying different gel layers in the hybrid structure towards its performance in mercury (II) detection.

• Conduction of next phase of testing, preferably in a real water bodies, which consist of mercury content to evaluate the performance of the hybrid sensor in a real scenario.

• More investigations can be conducted to observe the influence of other factors towards the response of this hybrid sensor, also to confirm the specificity and selectivity of this sensor.

• Further testing is warranted to investigate the stability of the hybrid sensor in protecting the LPFG in a real scenario which may be harsh towards the deployment of the sensor.

• Further modifications to the sensor in order to achieve a more advanced sensing structure. For instance, to modify the sensor into a portable device might be a good start.


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In document MERCURY (II) IONS DETECTION (halaman 190-200)