• Tiada Hasil Ditemukan


7.2 Future Works

PCF SPR sensing is a promising and competitive sensing technology. However, at the device development front, PCF SPR sensors are still in an early stage. Most of the work

reported in the literature involves proof of concept demonstrations, theoretical and computational models. The application of established theoretical models to sensor implementation is limited. Although some experimental devices reported in the literature, their applications are found in limited research domains. Therefore, the performances of the modelled sensors are still in question. Potential future work should focus on (i) proof of concept demonstration to real PCF SPR sensor development, (ii) detection of analytes from more chemical and biological samples. One possible development direction for the PCF SPR sensors is portable and rapid lab-on-a-chip assays for point-of-care diagnostics.

Future works that can be carried out for further improving the findings in this study are as following:

(i) Fabricating the proposed PCFs and combine the plasmonic metal layer outside the fiber structure to establish the SPR phenomena.

(ii) Observe the sensing performance practically and compare the experimental results and simulation results.

The PCF SPR sensor shows a promising ability in the detection of chemical and biological analytes. The performance of the PCF SPR biosensor technology will continue to evolve with the advances in fabrication technology and the development in metal nanoparticles. We envision that in future the PCF SPR sensor will become one of the most popular optical biosensors which will be used in many important sectors such as medical diagnostics, environmental monitoring, and food safety and security.


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