1. Sociodemographic (age, sex, race, qualification,), duration of service experience in handling CPR, previous experience in CPR, training (BLS, ALS) and availability of AED facility are significantly associated with good knowledge of CPR.

2. There is association between knowledge and attitude on CPR among primary care doctors in health clinics in Melaka.


1. Cardio pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) knowledge used in this study is based on AHA guidelines 2015.

2. Assessment of the knowledge and attitude on CPR is based on an adapted questionnaire by Chew et al (2011). The proportion of good knowledge is taken as score of more than 80% of the total score of that domain.

3. Assessment of the attitude on CPR is based on an adapted questionnaire by Chew et al (2011). The proportion of good attitude is taken as score of more than 80%

of the total score of that domain.


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