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5.5 Recommendation for Future Research

First and foremost, focusing on the coverage on location is recommend to future research. They should take consider on expanding the research areas instead of just focus on urban area. For example: whole Malaysia with small sample size or larger sample size. This may improve the results to be more reliable and accurate. Hence, data may be significantly towards the results.

Future researchers should be more considerations in distributing the survey forms.

Besides that, they should able to manage a good relationship with SOCSO Institution, so that their workload able to reduce and more efficiency in data collection. In addition, SOCSO Institution might be willing to provide the researchers for the latest information of SOCSO.

In the nutshell, the increasing of the sample size of respondents is recommended to future researchers so that can obtain the more precise study result. The largest of the sample size, the more precise for the study results.

5.6 Conclusion

From this study, it found that the independent variables of types of industry, socio-economic status (SES), and source of information have positive significant relationship with the level of awareness on health screening benefits towards SOCSO Institution while the variable of health condition has a negative significant relationship. Aside of that, implication of the research towards various parties have been provided together with the limitations and recommendations for future researchers’ developments and improvements.

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