• Tiada Hasil Ditemukan


7.1 Revisiting the Objectives

This research studied data transfer between cloud VMs sitting across different datacenters. The existing de-facto approach is point-to-point transfer performed by cloud consumer where the bandwidth of the VM is capped by cloud provider. The dissertation proposed Cloud Parallel Transfer (CPT), the technique of parallelizing data transfer across intermediate nodes that are spawned specifically for the purpose of scaling data transfer. The first objective of the dissertation is to model and identify the limiting factors of scaling data transfer via aggregating bandwidth of intermediate nodes. The transfer time and financial cost models are introduced as a basis for estimating the performance and cost of the parallel transfer. The process flow is derived and two optimizations network data piping and pipelining were introduced to reduce the total transfer time.

The second objective is to validate and enhance the model for implementation on a public cloud. A short study on the VMs offering, pricing model and network throughput behavior is made. Here, two techniques are proposed; VM-type selection and pre-testing. Based on the test conducted on AWS cloud, the derived models are studied in order to understand the various factors involved in implementing the proposed approach in a cloud environment. From this research, a framework for end-to-end


parallel transfer is proposed. The framework covers transfer time and cost estimation based on the models, and high-level fault tolerance when intermediate node fails.

The third and final objective is to implement CPT and compare it with existing data transfer solution. The dissertation describes the implementation of the proposed framework, then, by experiments, the performance and financial cost of the proposed framework is compared to existing sequential transfer. The result demonstrated that unlike typical methods such as sequential transfers, CPT is able to circumvent the network bandwidth allocation of the VM.

The proposed transfer is adapted and compared to state-of-the-art parallel file transfer for Hadoop environment – DistCp. The result showed that CPT is able to reduce the transfer time for cases when the number of files is low. DistCp starts to perform better when the number of files increases. CPT is also compared to the modified DistCp which can scale by adding nodes to the cluster, CPT not only performs better but also with cost reduction by multiple factors.

In a nutshell, this research aims to explore the feasibility and challenges of scaling cloud-to-cloud VM data transfer by circumventing the network allocation of VMs. The study is made by modelling the proposed solution, implementing the proposed framework and performing experimental analysis. Meeting the research objectives has led to major contributions in the area of utilizing intermediate nodes to improve data transfer throughput. The work produces a working cloud-to-cloud data transfer based on the designed parallel transfer framework. The solution does not require any cloud provider’s insight.

76 7.2 Limitation and Future Work

An issue that comes with this framework is the increased in operational complexity as file chunks and intermediate nodes have to be managed during the lifetime of the transfer. Besides, the framework is only applicable when the cloud provider limits the network bandwidth on VM level. If the bandwidth is limited based on other metrics such as per tenant or per account, the technique to aggregate bandwidth as described in this work will not work.

In future work, m-to-n mapping of intermediate nodes should be explored in order to increase the efficiency in cases where similar VMs in source and destination DCs is not possible i.e. different cloud platform. Another potential area for further exploration will be to use other forms of elastic cloud storage services or microservices as intermediate nodes. This removes the need for managing the life of VMs as intermediate nodes and potentially further reduces the transfer cost.


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