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Khairul Anwar

UIN KH Abdurrahman Wahid Pekalongan

Lukman Hakim

UIN KH Abdurrahman Wahid Pekalongan

Hendri Hermawan Adinugraha UIN KH Abdurrahman Wahid Pekalongan

AM Muh Hafidz Ma’shum

UIN KH Abdurrahman Wahid Pekalongan


The development of Information Technology (IT) is currently running very fast. Sharia Insurance Institution is one of the non-financial institutions that has also implemented information technology in its management system. The purpose of this study was to determine the utilization and analysis of information technology at the Islamic insurance institution BSI Pekalongan. This type of research is a qualitative research with descriptive analysis. The research instrument is observation, interview guide, and the researcher as the key instrument. The source of this research data is the result of interviews with the management and operational staff of BNI Life Syariah at the Pekalongan Branch Office. The results show that BNI Life Syariah Insurance uses a web-based information system and BNI Life mobile application as the main information system for customer service. This system can be accessed through In addition, customers can immediately receive services either by telephone, website or mobile application for the claim submission process, premium payment and claim disbursement so that it is more efficient, where consumers can use it anytime and anywhere.

Keywords: Information Technology, BNI Life Insurance, Sharia Insurance, Pekalongan, Customers



The role of Information Systems and Technology is very important for human life today. In today's modern era, Information Systems and Technology are widely used in everyday life. Not only in a company or organization, but for people who do not work in a company or organization, they still use Information Systems and Technology for their lives. Generally, users of Information Technology and Systems in their daily life, use it to communicate. Not only communicating, but seeking and getting information (Rio Yunanto, 2018).

The rapid development of information technology is marked by the presence of a number of various cutting-edge communication tools such as smartphones, where everyone can process, produce, and send and receive all forms of communication messages, anywhere and anytime, as if without knowing the boundaries of space and time. itself has spurred developments in the mass media sector, which is part of the communication component. As a result, the rush of information sourced from the mass media, both print and electronic, began to be felt. Whether we realize it or not, we are currently in a circle full of information. This of course will have certain impacts on society, both positive and negative (Ansori, 2018).

The development of Information Technology (IT) is currently running very fast. Every year new technologies emerge which are certainly more innovative than before. The use of information technology is felt to be very important for many companies. Information technology is no longer considered as an integral part of the company, but instead becomes a tool to integrate all existing business processes within the company. The impact of the use of information technology is also very important, especially in improving employee performance and reducing operational costs.

In the last 10 years, it can be seen that the evolution of technology has always received the attention of global industry players. Competition to develop a new technology is a top priority in gaining market share globally. The impact is also felt in people's lives throughout the country.

Currently, the Indonesian people have been faced with a technological revolution that has fundamentally changed the perspective on the role of technology, both from the pattern of life, to the form of interaction with other people. It is undeniable that this development is able to bring about a massive change, especially in the industrial sector, especially in the economic and banking industry (Rahma Nurzianti, 2021).

The insurance industry in Indonesia cannot escape the demands to innovate and incorporate new technologies into their business processes, such as incorporating digital technology into their marketing and operational processes (Rachmad Hidayat, 2022). Sharia Insurance Institutions are one of the non-financial institutions that have also implemented information technology in their business systems.

Insurance itself has an understanding that is a method to protect humans from various kinds of risks that will occur. The concept of insurance is the concept of coverage or guarantee. This concept was born from human limitations from losses that might occur to him, his family, relatives, and other relationships (Farid, 2016). The function of insurance is not limited to protection of property and family, but the function of insurance itself is broader, containing investment value.

Where insurance funds will be invested in sectors that can bring benefits to the owners of investment funds (Oktayani, 2018).



Currently in Indonesia, there are already several sharia insurance companies, which are growing every year and are popping up from year to year. The matter is regulated by legislation, namely Law no. 40 of 2014 concerning Insurance (Muhammad, 2021). Islamic insurance companies in Indonesia include Takaful Keluarga Sharia Life Insurance, Allianz Syariah (Allisya) Indonesia, Prudential Syariah (PRU Syariah) Indonesia, Manulife Syariah Insurance, AIA Sakinah Assurance, Sinar Mas Syariah Insurance, Bumiputera Syariah Life Insurance, Panin Syariah Life Insurance , Central Asia Jaya Syariah Insurance (CARlisya), BNI Life Syariah Insurance, and Astra Syariah Insurance (Editor, 2020).

BNI Life Sharia Insurance is one of the sharia insurance companies in Indonesia. BNI Life sharia insurance helps people to plan finances for various needs such as education, retirement, to planning for Hajj and Umrah which are managed based on sharia principles.The importance of information technology in non-bank financial institutions such as Sharia Insurance, in addition to helping employee performance, can also help inform the public quickly about the insurance products themselves. Because, it is undeniable that public knowledge about insurance companies is now only limited to information that insurance companies are only engaged in guaranteeing health or life safety. In fact, today's insurance companies have developed their products in various unit-linked functions such as loans, savings and investments (Akhirson, 2012).

Vice President of the Republic of Indonesia KH Ma'ruf Amin once said that one of the factors needed to strengthen the sharia insurance industry is the use of digital technology. According to him, this has become a necessity so that financial and insurance sector services can be faster, easier and cheaper, as well as being able to attract consumers from the millennial generation and generation Z (Adhi, 2022). The benefits of adapting information technology for the insurance industry, including the public can access insurance services widely and easily.

Research conducted by (Akhirson, 2012) entitled 'Web Development as an Effort to Support the Optimization of Insurance Products' states that easy access to information is needed to be able to support the optimization of various insurance product functions. One of them is to build media applications that are easy to reach and operate by customers to gain easy access to information on insurance products that suit their needs. The media can be in the form of web 3.0-based information media (symmentic web) that provides information services about insurance products in the form of protection. and unit links consisting of loans, investments, savings and others, thus making it easier for insurance customers to get the information they need anytime and anywhere.

Another study from (Sujarwo et al., 2020) entitled 'Web-Based Vehicle Insurance Claim Submission Information System Using UML' which shows that the information system is able to carry out the online Vehicle Claim Submission process effectively and efficiently. The research conducted (Mulyana et al., 2021) is entitled 'Design of a Web-Based IT Asset Management Information System at Pt Mandiri Axa General Insurance'. The research shows an IT asset inventory information system that can facilitate IT admins for managing IT asset inventory at PT Mandiri AXA General Insurance.

Meanwhile, in the article that we created, the aim is to find out an overview of the information technology system used by BNI Life Sharia Insurance, especially those in the Pekalongan branch.


45 This research is important as an effort to understand the public regarding the information system contained in BNI Life Syariah Insurance.


This study reviews the Information Technology of Sharia Insurance Institutions at BNI Life Syariah which is used at Bank Syariah Indonesia at the Pekalongan Branch Office. This study aims to describe and analyze the Information System implemented in the Indonesian Islamic Bank environment at the Pekalongan Branch Office that uses BNI Life Syariah. This type of research is a qualitative research with descriptive analysis. The data sources of this research are primary data sources and secondary data sources. Primary data comes from interviews with the management and operational staff of BNI Life Syariah at the Pekalongan Branch Office, namely Nur Halisah.

Then secondary data refers to literature, such as books, articles, theses, which have the same theme as this research. The data collection method used triangulation techniques, namely observation, interviews and documentation.

DISCUSSION AND RESULTS Information Technology

The term technology implies the scientific method to achieve practical goals, applied science or the overall means to provide goods needed for the survival and comfort of human life. Another opinion states that technology is a method or method as well as a process or product resulting from the use of various scientific disciplines that produce value for meeting needs, continuity and improving the quality of human life (Editor, 2022).

While Information Technology is a technology used to process data, including processing, obtaining, compiling, storing, manipulating data and various ways to produce quality information, namely information that is relevant, accurate and timely (Asmawi et al., 2019).

The Role of Information Technology

The role of information technology today is not only for organizations/companies but also for individual needs. For organizations/companies, information technology can be used to achieve competitive advantage and increase productivity, while for individuals, information technology can be used to achieve personal excellence, including to facilitate work and receive services (Zulham, 2017).

Information technology can be said to have penetrated all areas of human life and to various levels of society. Where at this time cellphones already have the ability to retrieve information from the internet, which has become an item commonly used by many people, and making distance such as not an obstacle anymore (Andri, 2013). That's all one of the roles of technology in our lives, where the role of information technology in sharia insurance institutions has a very extraordinary role, one of which is in the field of mobile-based services or internet portal site-


46 based services that have been implemented by BNI Life Syariah with the aim of making customers more effective and efficient in receiving services.

Sharia Insurance Agency

Sharia insurance is an effort to protect each other and help each other among policyholders (participants), which is carried out through the collection and management of tabarru funds that provide a pattern of returns to face certain risks through contracts (commitments) that are in accordance with sharia principles. Sharia insurance uses the principle of sharing of risk, where the risk from one person/party is charged to all people/parties who are policyholders, while conventional insurance uses a transfer of risk system where the risk from the policyholder is transferred to the insurance company (Editor, 2021).

It can be said that the role of Islamic insurance companies is to manage operations and investments from a number of funds received from policyholders, in contrast to conventional insurance companies that act as risk bearers. The contract used in sharia insurance uses the principle of mutual assistance between policyholders and representatives/cooperation of policyholders with sharia insurance companies, while the contracts used by conventional insurance are based on the principle of exchange (buying and selling) (Mega Karlina Agustin, 2022).

Basically, both conventional insurance and sharia insurance have their respective advantages or disadvantages so that the selection of insurance products is returned to consumers according to their respective needs and abilities. But on this occasion, let's find out more about the advantages of sharia insurance: (Editor, 2021)

a. Fund management using Islamic sharia principles b. Transparency in the management of policyholder funds c. There is a distribution of investment returns

d. In the ownership of the contribution funds (premiums) part of the property belongs to the sharia insurance company as the fund manager and partly belongs to the policy holder collectively or individually.

e. There is no 'forgotten funds' system

f. There is an allocation and distribution of underwriting surplus or the difference in excess of the total policyholder's contribution to the tabarru' fund after adding the recovery of claims from reinsurance minus payments of compensation/claims, reinsurance contributions, and technical allowances, within a certain period.

Benefits of Information Technology Adaptation for the Insurance Industry

The benefits of adapting information technology for the insurance industry, including the public can access insurance services widely and easily through digital platforms while the Financial Services Authority (OJK) explains that there are several things that must be considered in the use of information technology for the insurance industry (Ardianto, 2021) that is :

a. Insurance companies need to adapt to the complexity of insurance products that can be offered through digital platforms.


47 b. Insurance companies must provide consumer assistance services that are able to answer consumer questions and convey detailed information related to insurance products correctly, completely, and clearly. Includes information that may affect the policyholder's right to obtain claim payments from insurance companies.

What is BNI Life Syariah?

BNI Life is a life insurance company which is a subsidiary of PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk or BNI, one of the largest national banks in Indonesia. In terms of performance, BNI Life has a solvency level (Risk Based Capital/RBC) which is much higher than that set by the government.

This shows BNI Life's strong financial condition in paying claims to its customers. To serve its customers, BNI Life relies on dedicated and professional marketing personnel through various business service networks in major cities in Indonesia, including in Pekalongan City. (Life, 2021).

Reporting from the website, BNI Life Syariah is a sharia life insurance company managed by PT BNI Life Insurance and has obtained a business license from the Financial Services Authority (OJK) and is supervised by the National Sharia Council of the Indonesian Ulema Council (DSN-MUI). The superior product that is quite in demand by many customers is life insurance with coverage benefits:(Editor, 2021)

➢ Compensation for death due to accidents and non-accidents

➢ The maximum entry age is 60 years, so it is suitable for customers who need life insurance for the elderly

BNI Life Syariah Insurance products consist of three categories, namely life insurance, education insurance, and investment. These three BNI Life Syariah products are managed according to Islamic principles. BNI Life Syariah is a sharia-based product under the auspices of PT BNI Life Insurance or commonly known as BNI Life. BNI Life Syariah, apart from being carried out with the principles of Islamic law, also has various advantages. One of them is life insurance that is suitable for the elderly (Editor, 2021).

Analysis of Information System Implementation Implemented by BNI Life Syariah Pekalongan Branch

Based on interviews with Nur Halisa's brother, as well as observations, and documentation that has been done, BNI Life Syariah Insurance uses a web-based information system and BNI Life mobile application as the main information system for customer service. This system can be accessed through The technology applied by BNI Life Syariah Insurance can already be used directly by customers who join BNI Life Syariah because they have adopted the website and mobile application. In addition, customers can directly receive services either via telephone, website and mobile application for the claim submission process, premium payment and claim disbursement so that it is more efficient, where consumers can use it anytime and anywhere.


48 In addition, customers are also pampered with various other information systems provided by BNI Life Sharia Insurance. If the customer requires information about the policy or wants to submit suggestions and questions regarding the policy, then they can contact BNI Life Customer Care by:

Figure 1: Interface of BNI life web site

Table 1 Information about BNI Life Insurance

1 Calling the Contact Center at 1-500-045 5 Send SMS to: 0811- 117626

2 Through BNI Life's Interactive Voice Response (IVR) at 1-500-045, customers can get policy information, including:

a. Police Information b. Unit Price Information c. Claim Information

d. Procedure & Regulatory Information e. Product Information

6 Send a fax to the number:

(62-21) 5366 7688

3 Direct visit to BNI Life Head Office at:

Centennial Tower Jl. Gatot Subroto Kav.24-25 Floor 10 Jakarta 12930 Or BNI Life Insurance Building Jl. Aipda KS Tubun No. 67 Jakarta 10260

7 Visit our website at:


49 4 Send an e-mail to the address: care@bni-

Note: Customer Care operating hours:

Working days: 07.30 to 19.00 WIB. Saturday: 08.00 to 12.00 WIB. National Holidays except Sunday: 07.30 to 17.00 WIB.

More About BNI Life Website

Customers will be able to access policy information by visiting Whenever and wherever customers can open the site. Then what information can be accessed on the Website?

Table 2 Information about BNI Life customer portal 1 Participant Data Information in the form of: a. Customer Profile

• List of Policy Holders

• List of Insured Policies b. Policy

• Policy Details

• Payment Data

• Transaction Submission

• Investment

• Policy Details c. Claim

• Claim List d. Agent

• Reporting Agent Data

• Agent Boss Data 2 Unit Price Information

3 Claim Form and Policy Change 4 List of Partner Hospitals (Provider) 5 Contact Us (Customer Care)

With the BNI Life Website, it is easier for Insurance customers to access and find out information more quickly. Customers do not need to go to the insurance office just to find the actual information by using the internet, which can be accessed. The convenience of customers in finding information through this website is in line with the theory that a website is a collection of pages of various kinds of information in the form of sound, images, data, video. Websites can expand the reach of business marketing. By having a web, the product or service will be easily recognized by the wider community, especially internet users. Website is a promising alternative marketing tool for today's business world (Cahyono et al., 2019).

Customers can access information about BNI Life Syariah services and products by downloading the application on the Google Playstore "BNI LIFE MOBILE". This BNI Life Mobile Insurance application is also included in the world of digital technology.


50 Figure 2: BNI Life Mobile Application

The digital world not only offers great opportunities and benefits for the public and business interests. But it also challenges all areas of life to improve quality and efficiency in life. The use of various technologies is indeed very easy to live, but the digital lifestyle will increasingly depend on the use of mobile phones and computers (Setiawan, 2017).

Figure 3 Site Website BNI Life

Customers can access information about BNI Life Syariah service and product information by visiting the website


51 Figure 4 Customer Portal

Customers can access policy information by visiting or https://apps.bni- Whenever and wherever customers can open the site. Then what information can be accessed on the Website?

Figure 5 View of Customer Portal of BNI Life


52 Information that can be accessed on the Customer Portal is as follows:

1. Participant Data Information in the form of:

a. Customer Profile : List of Policy Holders, List of Insured Policies

b. Policy: Policy Details, Payment Data, Transaction Submission, Investment Policy Details

c. Claim : Claim List

d. Agent: Reporting Agent Data, Agent Boss Data 2. Unit Price Information

3. Claim Form and Policy Change 4. List of Partner Hospitals (Provider) 5. Contact Us (Customer Care)

The use of information systems and technology at BNI Life Syariah makes life more practical.

In the past, some people had to queue for a long time to register for insurance at the insurance office, now the digital era makes life more practical. Now, people can take care of insurance to pay only via smartphone. Without having to queue long and come directly to the checkout counter, people can even do it at home while enjoying a cup of coffee.


Information technology in sharia insurance is an innovation of service media used by sharia insurance institutions to be able to improve the quality of service to the public so that they can access insurance services widely and easily through digital platforms, where the benefits of digitalization in insurance institutions include the following:

1. Improve service quality

2. Improve company competitiveness 3. Improve service efficiency

4. Accelerate the flow of information

Based upon the above, authors would like to suggest further improvementsas follows.

1. Sharia insurance institutions must provide education about sharia insurance to the lower middle-class people.

2. Educate the lower middle class community by going directly to the field, because not all lower middle class people have access to information technology.

3. Sharia insurance institutions need to hold trainings aimed at parties outside the company, so that in the future there will be more people who understand sharia insurance, especially about the use of information technology.

4. Sharia insurance institutions, which have used information technology, need to continue to prioritize innovation in terms of services, and so on.



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