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infiniteRobo Administration Content Management System


Academic year: 2023

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The purpose of a content management system (CMS) is to help non-technical people, especially in small and medium industries (SMI), to own and manage their own website. Although CMS are relatively new to the market and still unknown to many, CMS have the potential to dramatically simplify website maintenance. Most of the content on the website is out of date or inaccurate, updating the website is complicated and the look of the website is becoming outdated.

General overview of typical Content Management System (CMS) features have been presented as above and how they can be used to benefit the success of the website. The off-the-shelf CMS has a high learning curve for both the people responsible for maintaining the system and the CMS user. Some of the CMS's provide many features that can be used, but it comes back to being more confusing and not knowing what it's for, and in the worst case, if the system only provides few features, such as only adding content.


Therefore, it is much more convenient if the system learns in just a few hours or a few clicks. There should be a balance between features that can be used by SMI people who are not in the technical category, and also that the system can be used as soon as possible. Therefore, the Malaysian government has introduced small and medium industries where they believe that SMI can be pushed and become the primary medium for the growth of the country's economy.

Therefore the system should be non-technical and easy to use, perhaps working much like Microsoft Word. In web designing, the font plays a major role to attract the attention of the users and the font design can be decided through the various fonts available on the internet. Although there are various fonts available on the internet, only a few of them can be viewed in the web browser such as Tahoma, Times New Roman and Arial, where these fonts have become a standard that can be successfully viewed in the browser nowadays. .


However, due to the taking of other courses and the need to do other projects as well, it may compete with the development of this project, thus resulting in the delay of this project. This project has the full support and commitment of my colleagues and people in the industrial field, especially my industrial internship program. The purpose of this evaluation is to see the progress of the project that is proposed by the student and if it has a commercial value or is useful to use, the project can go to the next level which is round 2 before EDX. .

Most of them are satisfied with the progress and functionality of the system, and they like it. The CMS project successfully moved to the next level of EDX before the second EDX evaluations on April 20, 2006. The main point to be taken from the evaluators is that the price should be determined based on the features that are offered in the system.


Content Management Systems boast powerful publishing engines that allow the site's appearance and page layout to be applied automatically during publishing. The content management system can also provide a number of functions to improve the quality and efficiency of the website itself. As an example, the CMS will build the site navigation for you by reading the structure directly from the content store.

By James Robertson (Mar 17, 2003) The most important part of a content management system is the content. In addition to having the benefits of easily managing website content, a good website will provide a good return on investment (ROI). Putting a price tag on website appearance is a challenging task, but if the company quickly makes web content up-to-date and is able to publish multilingual content, all these intangibles do.


If the use of the website successfully gives a good impact on the company's sales, the need to manage own website to be more informative and valuable will be there.




In summary, there are two groups of users who can access the website, which are the authorized person and the unauthorized person. If there is any information on the website that does not require any login authentication, this user will see the intended content. If there is any information that is set as private, the user will need to have a username and password to access it.

The purpose of the system having this capability is because if a site administrator just wants to release this information to an employee just for example. There are 3 levels that can be set in the system namely Super Administrator, Administrator and Authorized User. An authorized user cannot access the system, but can access private content set by the Super Administrator or

The database plays a major role in the system as it ensures the availability and integrity of information. All information in the database will be used by the system as a guide for the operation or management of the website.



Squarespace offers 4 types of editor to edit the content and also the layout of the pages. The publishing system also gives a complete assignment and editing purposes to the hand of the user where all the design and layout can be easily rearranged and also import another layout designed on our own. Two major weaknesses in the publishing system were experience that could lead to the rejection of the system.

However, this weakness is not a major concern due to the improvement in connection technology that can solve the connection problem if. The code is quite organized for editing, but it is necessary to go through all the functions of the code before proceeding to the editing mode, because every code in the system is interconnected and needs to be carefully adjusted. Users need to search on their own hosting as the purpose of WordPress is only to provide code or functionality for the Blog website.

WordPress has also not included a template where users can automatically change the layout of their website, so users have to change the layout themselves. Users have to go through the entire system before they can edit a website. Also the website layout created by b2evolution is very nice and pleasant.

The user can also change the styles of the websites that suit him (style switching). The main advantage of this system is the dashboard functionality where it is very impressive and the admin can create categories for each section like articles, links and images based on their favorites on the fly. However, there is a downside to using this publishing system that has to do with the style of the website.

The system will not create an interface for us that can be used for website layout, where the users have to develop the interface on their own.


This panel showed users the site's poll status, last address, and votes. Site status, metadata, error message, offline message and site requirements will be displayed. The system will record the login to the system based on who is logging in and what.

The user account will appear in the system only if the users access is at the Super Administrator level while the Administrator level cannot exceed the User Account function. They can edit the menu name, publish the menu and also set privacy options for the menu. Users will be provided with Rich Text Environment (RTE) so that they can easily enrich their content, for example, by keeping one of the words in the paragraph.

This section also provides a place for users to upload their images, where the system will detect the size, type and dimension of the images to inform the user of the probability of download time and the consequences that may occur if they upload images to the server. The system will automatically detect the new template complete with the template name and the template preview in terms of thumbnails. The form is complete with the field consisting of the sender's name, email address, date, subject and finally the content.

Most of the information, usually numbers and lists of projects in tabular form, is usually stored as a spreadsheet format, and the most popular spreadsheet format is Microsoft's Excel format. All the discussions and findings as described above have a strong impact on persuading the SMI businessman to use and take advantage of Internet capabilities, especially when launching a website. The majority of time and resources should be devoted to the success of the business.

One individual has intimate knowledge of the entire site (and others have intimate knowledge of their sections).


The submenu functionality cannot be created during the development process due to a problem differentiating which submenu belongs to which main menu.


The submenu functionality cannot be created during development process due to a problem in distinguishing which submenu belongs to which main menu. http://evolt.org/The_ABCs__of_CMS. How to Evaluate a Content Management System, http://www.steptwo.com.au/papers/kmc_evaluate/index.html. A content management project presents unique challenges, http://www.steptwo.com.au/papers/cmb_unique/index.html. http://www.steptwo.com.au/papers/cmb_metadata/index.html.

Screen Capture: WordPress Screen Capture: b2evolution Screen Recording: Textpattem .. infiniteRobo - Home . infiniteRobo - Global Site Configuration infiniteRobo - User Account Manager infiniteRobo - Menu Configuration Manager infiniteRobo - Content Configuration Manager infiniteRobo - Template Selection Manager .. infiniteRobo - Shoutbox and Excel-HTML Modules infiniteRobo - Inbox.




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